swindle swin‧dle [ˈswɪndl] verb [transitive] LAW
to get money from someone dishonestly by deceiving them:
swindle somebody out of something

• He was convicted of charges that he swindled clients and partners out of £3.5 million.

swindle something out of somebody/​ swindle something from somebody

• The scheme was designed to swindle more than $250 million from the bank.

— swindle noun [countable] :

• a £12 million insurance swindle

— swindler noun [countable] :

• a band of international bank swindlers

* * *

swindle UK US /ˈswɪndl/ verb [T]
to cheat or trick someone in order to get money from them: swindle sb out of sth »

A Web-based company swindled customers out of $15 million.

Compare CON(Cf. ↑con) verb
swindler noun [C]

Victims of the swindler are seeking up to £80 million in damages.

swindle UK US /ˈswɪndl/ noun [C]
the action of cheating or tricking someone in order to get money from them: »

He masterminded a hi-tech swindle that emptied customers' bank accounts.

Compare CON(Cf. ↑con) noun

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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